Petordynamics OGS Ltd provides a range of services to assist with the execution of oil and gas midstream production projects

These services include:

  •  Conceptual engineering and feasibility studies
  • FEED studies
  • Project management and controls
  • Detail engineering-design/drafting
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Survey and mapping
  • Route reconnaissance and evaluation
  • Regulatory and permitting submittals
  • Automation/process controls
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Operations support


We offer complete gas processing and treating solution for regional and international clients. We execute project ranging from brownfield modification to complete grass-roots developments.

 Treating and Processing Facilities

  •  Acid gas treating
  • Gas dehydration
  • Dewpoint control
  • JT
  • Refrigerated processing
  • Cryogenic processing
  • Liquid treating
  • Condensate stabilization
  • Fractionation
  • Utility and OSBL

Pipeline facilities:

  • Compressor and pump stations
  • Meter and regulator stations
  • Slug catcher systems
  • Power plant gas yards



Storage facilities:


  • Atmospheric storage tanks
  • Pressurized storage tanks
  • Caverns and natural formations
  • Brine systems



Transportation facilities:


  • Truck terminals:
  • Rail terminals
  • Industrial tracks(rail spurs)
  • Marine terminals



Petrodynamics OGS Ltd provides comprehensive services to successfully complete regulated and non regulated pipeline facility projects in most geographic environments, including cross country, costal marsh, inland water, and offshore.



Pipeline Operation:

  • Well connects
  • Gathering systems
  • Transmission systems
  • Directional drill crossing
  • Utility relocation
  • Leak detection
  • Launcher and receiver assemblies
  • Mainline and side valve assemblies
  • Process control and SCADA


Integrity Management and Services:


  • Integrity program plan development
  • Risk assessment
  • Data conversion and data integration
  • Smart pigging
  • Hydrostatic testing and recertification
  • Coating rehabilitation


Solution for the Midstream Industry:


  • Engineering.
  • Engineering and Procurement.
  • Complete EPC
  • Gas processing  and Treating
  • Station Pipelines
  • Transportation  and  Storage