Petrodynamics OGS Limited in conjunction with its partners provides flexibility solution not just in the oil and gas, petrochemical, refining but in other area of communications and power industries.

Our  other services include:

  • Multi-discipline engineering
  • Design
  • Operational support
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Constructions and Installations.

Total flexibility in providing technical, commercial and procedural solution sets us apart from any other provider.

Flexibility to:

  • deliver total solutions through strategic partnerships and alliances
  • customize commercial models
  • create custom compensation and risk/reward packages
  • react quickly to technical changes and circumstances
  • tailor technical solutions to client’s specific needs.



Petrodynamics OGS Ltd has an experienced team of professionals available to plan, design, and manage a broad range of integrated project solution. We offer an extensive range of engineering discipline and a complete design.

Department implementing the latest technology. Our project managers, engineers, designer’s system integrators and construction managers specialize in all phases of project execution.

By utilizing our in-house department and incorporative innovative technologies into our design processes, Petrodynamics OGS Ltd delivers projects that not only meet the highest quality and safety standards, but are completed under the tightest schedules.

Petrodynamics provides the following services:

Project Management

  • Project coordination
  • Schedule development and management
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Safety management and support(HSE)
  • Document control
  • Cost control

Detailed Design & Engineering

  • Process
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Automation


Engineering Services

Petrodynamics OGS Ltd employs a diverse group of engineers and project professionals and maintains professional registrations in the following discipline:


  • Process
  • Structural
  • Automation/SCADA
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • Instrumentation


Petrodynamics OGS Ltd offers an extensive range of engineering services and a full service design department implementing the latest technology.

Our professionals have experience in the following areas:


  • Pump station design/build
  • Automation of pump station
  • Preparation of specification
  • Pump station expansion
  • Corps permitting
  • Bid package preparation
  • Compressor design and installation
  • Lock sector gate design/build
  • Wharf design
  • Site work
  • Foundations
  • Site drainage/paving
  • Steel structures
  • Concrete design
  • Piling design
  • Structural inspections
  • Pipe bridge/ supports
  • Heavy lift analysis
  • PLC/DCS/DeltaV programming
  • Flow computers
  • Satellite microwave, and radio communications
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Control system design
  • Fire and gas systems
  • Public address systems
  • Instrument specification
  • PLC/DCS systems
  • Fieldbus
  • Stability analysis
  • Load studies
  • Fault current and coordination studies
  • Generator module
  • Reduced voltage starting and VFDs
  • P&ID development
  • Safe charts and safety flow diagrams
  • ASME code calculations
  • Pipeline design and permitting
  • Vent systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Water flood filtration/injection systems
  • Multiphase pump
  • Produce water treating and disposal


Design and Drafting capabilities


Petrodynamics OGS Ltd also has a full service design and drafting department implementing the latest release of PDMS and AutoCAD for three dimensional computerized drafting. Our software tools and application include:



  • STX Shell & Tube
  • AC-ACX
  • APV
  • MicroStation



  • SKM Power Tools
  • Square D
  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Wonderware
  • INTools



  • SACS
  • STAAD, Pro


Project Controls:

  • Icarus IPM
  • MS Project
  • Primavera P6

Power Generation

Petrodynamics OGS Ltd Engineering is a full-service, multi-discipline engineering firm serving the power generation industry. We have an experienced team of professionals with expertise in engineering, procurement and construction execution, as well as management experience in operation and HSE support.

Petrodynamics OGS Ltd offers an extensive range of engineering discipline and houses a complete design department implementing the latest technologies. Our team of project managers, construction managers, engineers, designers and systems integrators specialize in all phase of project execution.


Project Implementation Services

Petrodynamics OGS Ltd Engineering provides a range of services to assist with the development and execution of new projects, operations improvement and safety execution in the power generation industry.

These services include:

  •  Engineering, design and procurement
  • Project management/construction management
  • Project controls, scheduling, and expediting
  • Outage management
  • Pre-commissioning/commissioning/startup
  • Automation, process controls and industrial IT
  • Process Safety Management
  • Plant safety program evaluation and improvements

Engineering Scope

Petrodynamics OGS Ltd employs diverse groups of engineers and projects professionals. We maintain professional registrations in each of the following engineering disciplines:

  • Chemical/process
  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Control systems
  • Automation


Power Generation

Petrodynamics OGS Ltd Engineering provides a team of experienced personnel in the power Generation industry to manage and execute projects ranging from maintenance projects to complete capital solutions to meet regulatory and safety requirements and increase generation efficiency.

Scope of projects:

  • FEED   Studies
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Facility upgrade reviews
  • Mass, heat and energy balances
  • Debottlenecking studies
  • PFD/P&ID development
  • Protective relaying designs
  • System coordination studies
  • Fault current studies
  • Arc Flash studies
  • Power factor correction
  • Transient motor starting studies
  • Harmonic investigation
  • Wharf design
  • Site work, including drainage/paving
  • Foundations, piling design
  • Steel structure
  • Structural inspections
  • Heavy lift analysis
  • PLC and DCS systems and programming
  • SCADA systems
  • HMI configuration
  • Generator/switch gear controls
  • Database programming and industrial IT
  • Flow computers
  • Satellite, microwave and radio communication
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Control system design
  • Fire and gas detection
  • Public address systems
  • Instrument specification
  • Fieldbus
  • Reduced voltage starting and VFDs
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • ASME code calculations
  • Vent systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Multiphase pumps
  • Rotating equipments
  • Storage tank specification
  • Civil/structural design for large vessels and tower installation storage tank foundation.
  • Industrial tracks (rail spurs).

Process Safety Management (PSM) Support

PetroDynamics OGS Ltd maintains experienced personnel in the areas of process safety management (PSM) to provide industry expertise and guidance in the development and improvement of the clients PSM department to offer solutions and customer compliance for OSHA PSM Regulation (1910.119).

These areas include:

  • Employee participation consulting
  • Process safety information and verification (P&IDs, PFDs, Plot Plans, I&E)
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) facilitation
  • Operating procedure developments
  • Training
  • Contractor safety development and improvements.
  • Pre-startup safety reviews
  • Mechanical integrity programs
  • Incident investigation
  • Emergency planning and response
  • Compliance audits


Automation and Industrial IT

PetroDynamics OGS Ltd and its partners provides expertise in the delivery of automation, industrial IT and automated engineering and maintenance solutions for the energy sector, available at our disposal is expert resources to specify,engineer,design and manage automation, industrial IT  and plant data lifecycle projects.



Our expertise in the delivery of automation related projects, which includes basic process control; safety instrumented systems and advanced process control. We provide engineering, design, project management, fabrication, testing and continued maintenance service on these projects.


Industrial IT:

PetroDynamics OGS Ltd and its partners provides industrial IT groups that delivers engineering and consulting services focused on helping customers leverage technology to improve control systems reliability and reduce operational expenses.

Our team has extensive experience with design network infrastructure, server systems, CCTV systems, performing cyber security audits, developing custom softwares, deploying wireless networks and working with customers to ensure they get the most value from their existing technology investments.

Automated Engineering and Maintenance Solutions (AEMS):

PetroDynamics OGS Ltd and its partners provide customers with the experience and knowledge to support administer and maintain all aspects of your smart plant solution investments. It provides management and visualization of complex engineering data to support the installation and ongoing operations and maintenance of industrial facilities.

We offer hosting, administration, maintenance, training and field services to improve the value added benefits of Smart Pay.

We offer full turnkey engineering, design, fabrication, testing, installation and commissioning and start-up services.

Automation Solutions:

In order to deliver highest quality solutions, our personnel are continually trained on the latest programming standards and configuration tools.

  • PLC/DCS systems
  • High integrity pressure protection
  • Systems (HIPPS)
  • SCADA systems
  • Substation automation
  • Safety instrumented systems (SIS)
  • Turbine control systems
  • Alarm management
  • Custody transfer stations
  • Fire and gas systems (F&G)
  • Burner management systems.

Construction Management

Superior Construction service-PetroDynamics and partners specialize in the implementation and administration of all phases of construction projects in the upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

From project planning through installation and commissioning, we offer complete and exceptional services in construction management, procurement and cost control.

Our experienced team of construction managers, inspectors and project control/purchasing agents provides on-site client representation as well as the commitment to execute the project in safe and cost effective manner.

Services Provided

We provide a range of services to assist with the execution of construction management, procurement and cost control. These include but not limited to:

Cost Management:

  • Project cost estimating
  • Schedule development
  • Project planning and execution
  • Vendor surveillance

Construction Management:

  • On site fabrication management
  • Offshore construction supervision
  • MMS levels 1, 11 and 111 surveys.

Project Management:

From Integration stages to Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controls and Closing of the following processes:

  • Procurement
  • Expediting
  • Cost control
  • Project documentation
  • Risk Analysis and Management
  • Human Resources
  • Project Scope
  • Time Schedule
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Work Breakdown Structures

Projects we can undertake

PetroDynamics OGS Ltd and its partners can execute and manage all phases of construction projects from site inspections of vendor skid packages to fabrication, installation and commissioning of offshore floating production platforms. Our team has experience in these following areas:


  • Pump and compressor stations
  • Chemical plants
  • Pipelines
  • Onshore and offshore oil and gas
  • Power generation

Production Facilities

  • Crude oil/production storage batteries
  • Concrete structures
  • Gas separation and treating plants
  • Automation and controls
  • Production and storage barges
  • Environmental remediation.